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At Kyte, we believe that care home catering management can always be better.

That's why we created a system that empowers teams to make informed decisions, from menu planning to waste management, ordering to managing budgets, all in one easy-to-use application.

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Ready to elevate your catering operations?



Kyte takes the headaches out of meal planning with its built-in menu planning tool, nutritional information and allergen alerts.



Kyte gives both catering teams and management all the data they need to make informed decisions, from the day-to-day to year-on-year comparisons.



Kyte gives you a one-click view of your costs against budgets, non-recorded cost capture and dynamic budgeting based on occupancy.

Kyte Benefits - Desktop Kyte Benefits

Kyte empowers catering teams, providing them with data and insight to allow them to better plan and manage their catering operation.

For catering teams

  • Provides menu and ordering management
  • Pre plans allergens and nutritional information
  • Automatically manages budgets
  • Built-in prompts for food rotation

For management teams

  • Gives real-time visibility of the department
  • Centralises information, data and records
  • Ensures HACCP and COSHH compliance
  • Facilitates easy auditing
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Reduces food waste by up to


Reduces costs by up to


We’ve seen first hand the issues that arise in a catering teams.

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  • No management information
  • No waste recording or control
  • Low awareness of menu costs
  • Recipes inconsistent
  • Temperature records inaccurate and incomplete
  • Reliance on phone orders to suppliers
  • No visibility of spend against budget


  • What is the cost of Kyte?

    There is no cost for the primary module as it is supported by suppliers, who gain efficiency savings from the system

  • Is there a set-up fee?

    No, there is normally no setup fee. However some specific support or bespoke design may attract a modest fee

  • Are tablets included or do we buy our own?

    The system can run on a desktop, laptop or tablet. You can provide your own tablets, or these can be sourced from us at cost.

  • Are updates included?

    Ongoing updates are provided free of charge to all system users

  • Is there ongoing support?

    Yes, there is a dedicated support function with a helpdesk.

  • Are supplier pricing catalogues bespoke to my home/group?

    Yes, they are. Catalogues will be put together after the onboarding meeting. These are updated by suppliers so will always be accurate

  • How easy is it to make changes to menus ?

    Extremely easy, changes can be made immediately at a press of a button. Changes need a certain access level.

If you have any further questions about how Kyte could benefit your homes, please get in touch with us.

Kyte - Catering Management. Elevated.

Kyte is a care home catering management application that can help elevate your catering operations. Book a demo today.

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